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Amrinder Bajaj is a practicing gynecologist, an MD (Obstetrics & Gynecology) from the premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and a Gold Medalist. At present she is the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in a corporate hospital in Delhi. Writing is a passion that has led to the publication of several books that include two wellness books, a book of poems, a joke book, and a memoir based on her association with the noted Indian author and columnist Khushwant Singh. She regularly writes columns, articles, travelogues, and short stories for magazines and newspapers and has contributed chapters to medical textbooks.

Says Amrinder Bajaj – Medicine is the wife I am married to and literature is my mistress. The former offers stability like the roots of a tree while the latter is the crown that flirts with the sun, wind and rain. Poetry, my first love, twines like a vine around this tree. This book is a fictionalized account of my life. It lays bare taboo subjects like female sexuality, exposing what right-thinking people would carry to their graves with sealed lips. It raises questions for which females all over the world seek answers.

Medical Accomplishments

Books published

  • Afternoon Girl – My Khushwant Memoir publisher – HarperCollins

A hilarious, salacious, scandalous account of the author’s interaction with India’s noted (notorious) columnist/writer/journalist Khushwant Singh

  • Sailing Smoothly Through Pregnancy publisher – Elsevier

An comprehensive guide, for the expectant mother for a happy pregnancy, a positive birthing experience and gratifying motherhood.

  • The Adolescent Girl publisher – Books For All

A wellness book that educates this vulnerable section of society on reproductive health.

  • Doctor Jokes by a Doctor for the Doctored publisher – Books For All

Medical jokes arranged speciality-wise!

  • Autumn Leaves publisher – Writer’s Workshop

Collection of poems with an ethnic (cloth) cover on subjects as varied as nature, love, betrayal, loss and death.

Afternoon Girl my KHUSHWANT memoir (HarperCollins)

Hilarious! Scandalous! Salacious!

A brief encounter between a young gynecologist (and aspiring writer) and one of the most celebrated and enigmatic authors of our time sows the seed of an unusual friendship that is fuelled as much by their afternoon meetings over a few decades as the letters and ribald jokes they exchange. Afternoon Girl celebrates a friendship that swings between love and loathing, adoration and indifference, support and abandonment, but stands the test of time.

In talks with an editor from HarperCollins at the World Book Fair.

Spoke at the author’s corner at the World Book Fair held at Delhi in February 2014.

Invited as a speaker at the 3rd annual Khushwant Singh Festival at Kasauli 10-12 October 2014. There was a book reading session that had the jam packed hall of elite literary audience in splits and a panel discussion with other known Indian authors like Shobha De.

3rd annual Khushwant Singh Festival at Kasauli 10-12 October 2014


This is a comprehensive guide for a peaceful pregnancy, positive birthing experience and gratifying motherhood. The book gives practical tips to the pregnant woman on coping with the bewildering changes that occur in her body and allays her apprehensions. Myths and taboos are busted, dos and don’ts are listed, exercise and diet regimens are highlighted, methods of pain relief and delivery explained.

Release of the book at the Annual conference of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Delhi (AOGD)

An introduction to the book by the author on you tube.

Doctor Jokes compiled by a Doctor for the Doctored
(Books For All) – jokes on medical subjects arranged specialty-wise!

The adage ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ prompted the publication of this booklet that aims to spread smiles and happiness all around.

The Adolescent Girl (Books For All) – educates this vulnerable section of society on reproductive health.

The booklet makes the transition from childhood to adolescence smooth. It sifts dubious titillating material from facts, answers unasked embarrassing questions on matters such as breast size, repercussions of high risk sexual behavior, drug addiction, normal/abnormal periods.

Autumn Leaves (Writer’s Workshop) a collection of poems on subjects as varied as love, loss, nature and death with an ethnic (cloth) hard cover.